MI was really nice, we spent time in Grand Rapids - Ann Arbor - Hell - Ypsilanti

currently we’ve touched down in Toronto; have interacted with the most hospital beautiful friends thus far and I am eagerly awaiting vegan poutine!

Madcap study | waiting


delightful // dan woodger for LINE DECO

finding home in places that aren’t actual foundations

Grand Mere State Park | Lake Michigan

Anonymous asked:
do you go to school? how are you able to travel so often?

NA I’m a pastry school and art school drop out and I work full time for Whole Foods; I am going to be taking courses since I’ll be in charge of our store’s social media advertising ( Instagram/ Twitter/Facebook ), v soon!
You don’t need to get through school to make money, find ways in doing what you’re passionate in!

" You " Middle of Nowhere, Indiana

Riot Fest this weekend in Chicago was very enjoyably spent mostly with these nerds theworldisa

a PUNCH study at golden tea tonight in philly feat. shitty quality iphone pix

Hi friends, tomorrow night I am Chicago bound this weekend and onward to Michigan and Toronto thru next week. Cool bands, cool shows, cool friends, cool things going on- along the way; @veganbummer to keep in touch or if a possible meet up is in order en route! tell me fun things to do while I road trip w/ my philly pals xx

I’m losing myself and it’s beginning to grab others’ attention.

would drive to hangout and be with you if you just said something because I am an idiot who needs you around


"Tales from Aeaea" is a 28-page collection of stories about the various citizens of Aeaea, the isle of Circe, goddess of magic. Centuries ago, Aeaea, the isle to which Circe was exiled, was a place imbued with her magic, and docile lions and bears roamed its woods. "Tales from Aeaea" is set in a universe in which Circe was celebrated, rather than scorned, and she embraced her exile, making the isle flourish. Its citizens are students of magic, world-spanning sailors, and many are descendants of the isle’s enchanted animals of old.

Here’s a sneak peak of a couple pages from Saturn and Egon’s story (who you might remember from my previous zine, "Warlow’s Guide to Wizards, Sorceri and Familiars Arcane", a sort-of prequel).

"Tales from Aeaea" will premier at the Small Press Expo, September 13 & 14. Come see me there, and stay tuned for more updates!