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What kind of camera do you use?

right now I’m working on shooting with my Minolta and have a blog site set up! I’m waiting on film to be posted this up coming week actually~

can I drive to work in my bra and then throw my shirt on in the parking garage because I hate the heat/ my face is melting

took a trip to
Blue Hole today with friends

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Mima’s home from Perfect Blue // Directed by Satoshi Kon

ever have a night when you’re really lost but you do it to yourself so there’s no one else to blame for being lonesome

I finally will be playing a bass in new projects coming up. PRAISE

Lifetime Announce Show With Mouthpiece, Spraynard, Lemuria




Lifetime will be playing New Jersey with Mouthpiece, Spraynard, and Lemuria in October. Check out details below after the jump.

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218 plays Lips and Limbs Waxahatchee Cerulean Salt

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