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Telephony - Have A Nice Life - Deathconsciousness

every now and again it’s nice to have a someone that reminds you human feelings aren’t dormant forever


The inspiration and ethos for tokyobike begun with the name.

In the same way that a mountain bike is suitable for riding across mountains, tokyobike is for pedaling around Tokyo.

We want you to forget the bicycle itself and simply enjoy the ride.

That is why we emphasize comfort over speed, and a feeling of lightness at the first turn of the pedal.

All our frames and parts are based on this concept of " TOKYO SLOW " - that is what tokyobike is all about.


ハイツイストコットン 変型カーディガン


デニム+ヒッコリー オーバーオール

(Source: mntea)

I’ve realized that shows are much more enjoyable when you are friendly and nice to everyone in a genuine way! weird and bizarre I know but it’s so much more comfortable to be surrounded by cool music and people being cool to each other!!!!

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werewolf heart // dead man’s bones

you’d look nice in a grave
i smile at the moon
death is on my face
and if you wait too long
then you’ll never see the dawn again