August holds

a new home, with my new room, big windows where I can lay out cute trinkets and lil baby plants and frame things I’ve collected over time; hang photographs on the walls, string christmas lights throughout and feel like I’m in a safe place that was mine from the very start. I’m ready for a place of my own 100% and it’s such a satisfying and surreal feeling after living in shared room/floors, a south philly basement, and currently a shared apartment with multiple people in west philly. ( a little over a year time frame ) I’ve also crossed paths very recently with someone who makes me feel fuzzy and gosh I am coasting on these happier vibes. Look @ me go

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Hit in the face, blood on the snow
We were never happier.

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hearts eyes are hard to come by,
but I’ve got’ em

midnightsciencefictionfeature asked:
Who do you think really defined the genre of emo?


Earth Crisis invented music in 1989
- derrick

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We found out love’s just a myth 
Far too perfect to exist 
Did you ever believe it?
I’m kicking myself over this 

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went to TIHC and got called, queen of twinkle | I’ll never be accepted ಠ _ ಠ
Do I have any out of town internet pals at TIHC?

let’s grab coffee while you’re in my city xx


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good color scheme ay?